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Who should visit LLL meetings?

La Leche League Series Meetings are open to all interested women (pregnant, nursing and otherwise). Series meetings tend to focus on nursing during the first year. Moms nursing children of any age are always welcome and encouraged to come share triumphs and trials, enjoy mother-to-mother support, gather information and form relationships with other nursing moms. Additionaly, Sandy & SLC groups have meetings available for those looking for further information and those nursing beyond the first year.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Topics, Dates & Directions

1 The Importance of Breastfeeding: Nursing benefits for baby, mother, father, families and the world December 1, 2009

2 Baby Arrives: The Family and the Breastfed Baby Preparing for birth, establishing nursing in the early weeks, & including dad, sibling/s, & grandparents January 5,2010

3 The Art of Breastfeeding & Avoiding Difficulties: The normal course of breastfeeding, recognizing challenges, caring for yourself, getting support Febrary 2,2010

4 Nutrition and Weaning: Starting solids, family nutrition, extended nursing, approaches to weaning, loving guidance March 2,2010

Maps & Directions:
(entrance is "kitty corner" to the Ampitheater Parking Lot of Murray Park/Parkside Dr. Please note Parkside Dr. is 495E, however, we are still further East 494/498E)

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