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Who should visit LLL meetings?

La Leche League Series Meetings are open to all interested women (pregnant, nursing and otherwise). Series meetings tend to focus on nursing during the first year. Moms nursing children of any age are always welcome and encouraged to come share triumphs and trials, enjoy mother-to-mother support, gather information and form relationships with other nursing moms. Additionaly, Sandy & SLC groups have meetings available for those looking for further information and those nursing beyond the first year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mother's Pallete

In October we continued with our theme "Visual Art" and Laurel brought us the Mother's Pallete during our "Avoiding Difficulties" meeting. This was a really fun way to see that as mother's there are many ways that we attempt to prepare ourselves for the joy and challenges of breastfeeding and mothering that lie ahead, sometimes when we have NO idea what those might even involve, especially when we are first time mothers, but also, when starting new with every child.  Each mother was given one of these pictures and then we talked about how we made choices or were effected by what the picture was talking about, then we added them to the Mother's Pallette

Equipment: Sleeping arrangements, diapers, nursing "gear," Nursing-friendly clothing
Technique: Pumping, finding a comfortable place to nurse, taking care of self

Mom's Block: Sleepy/Fussy Baby, Time (Scheduling, lack of sleep, etc), Outside opinions/influences and approval (or lack) of our choices, Low milk supply, bad latch
Research: Cost Comparisons, Parenting Magazines & Books

Introspection: Nutrition, Exercise, Taking Care of our bodies
All with the End Result in mind: Great Nursing Relationship & Well adjusted, happy baby