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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Safety 101 (June Tea)

Summer Safety 101

Water Safety

Water safety devices? IMO: False sense of security, only watching can ensure quick response!

~Don't allow “floaties” to give you a false sense of security, they are not enough to keep your child safe

~Many times parents become reliant on these, the most important thing, is, unless your child is water safe. . .YOU WATCH YOUR CHILD! Even when they are wearing a “life saving device.”

~Near open water a life jacket should always be on, if child is not being monitored and is not water safe

~For babies, thin stretchy material to make water “moby”

~Know the signs of drowning: Can not wave or call for help, mouth alternates between submerging and above water, no kicking movement, but are upright in water for 20-60 seconds before submerging. 10% of drownings each year happen within 25 yards of someone who could have helped if they'd known the signs!

~Give kids (and self) a break from water play, to avoid fatigue-eat a snack, take a potty break, get some water, re-sunscreen. All public pools have hourly “pool checks” so it's easy to remember!

*Note: Fear of water and floating apparatus are not enough to keep your child “safe” from water, teach water safety and survival before worrying about whether your child is a “good swimmer” though these never ensure “no drowning”

*Anyone can drown in just a couple of inches of water. . . do not leave young children unattended, even with “kiddie pools”

Simple skills to work on this summer

~Getting baby/kids comfortable with water

~Dunking, blow in baby's face first

~Putting Face in water

~Blowing Bubbles


~Going from face down to floating on back or from vertical to floating on back

going to the edge

~Jumping in and swimming back toward side

What if my child won't put face in water?

Try a straw in the bath tub, child blows bubbles through straw, every few nights, cut the straw a little

Try goggles in bath tub

Sun Safety


~Keep water in your car FOR your car

~Keep water in your car for YOU & others

~Use blankets to cover carseats or place in windows every time you get out of the car

Sun Protection

~Being outdoors before 10am and after 4pm

~Staying in the shade

~Wearing protective clothing instead of sunscreen: tight weave cotton clothing

~Sunscreen: check skindeep database for information on sunscreens

~What about Vitamin D? What have you heard? What do you know? “A few minutes at midday is enough for most caucasians” Consider adding Vitamin D rich foods to your diet, any more than a few minutes at midday and it actually begins to destroy the Vitamin D in the body

~Read an article this week about foods that can prevent sunburn?



~Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before swimming and in the heat of the day, every hour after

*You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day AND in the car, if you're going to be outside or in the car for long periods, consider proper clothing or sunscreen

Equipment & Activities

Visiting parks early or late to avoid hot equipment and fatigue

(also planning activities like bike riding and hiking at these times)

~Wearing baby can keep a new baby fully covered

~Add a hat or a lightweight receiving blanket for walks and outdoor activities

~Body temperature regulated by closeness, holding, nursing, wearing

~Nursing hydrates, no water necessary

~Under 6 months should not use sunscreen, dress in lightweight but full coverage clothing when possible

Summer Activities

~Fireworks-never let children light fireworks and always keep them at a safe distance

~Strenuous activity should be limited to 15 minutes

Being outdoors

~Interesting note: do not use combination sunscreen/repellant since sunscreen should be reapplied, while repellant should NOT be reapplied

~HELMETS-but not for under 1. Head injuries are the most common injury in toddlers, due to not wearing helmets (even on a tricycle). Get proper safety and protective equipment for your child beforehand if they'll be doing anything that involves wheels (except a stroller)

~Consider taking a CPR course this summer

~If you'll be doing boating, camping, deep woods hiking, etc, make it a special point to look up safety tips before charting new (personal) territory, especially if you've never done these activities with children

Links for information used (beyond my own knowledge as a lifeguard, swim instructor, sun lover and mom)

Vitamin D
Signs of Drowning
Can Foods Prevent Sunburn?
General Summer Safety Tips
Safety Prevention Page
Skin Deep Database
Skin Deep Sunscreen Guide

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second Annual Summer Raffle Series

Memberships $40
100% of your New Member fee stays in THIS group!!!!

If La Leche League has meant something your life, if a leader has helped shape your breastfeeding relationship, if being with other breastfeeding mothers has empowered you in your breastfeeding relationship, if La Leche League online articles have given you necessary information, or if you just love your local La Leche League group, consider becoming a member TODAY!!! These donations will be used to further support La Leche League volunteers in their ability to share breastfeeding information with other women, just like you!

The Perks
Purchasing a La Leche League membership through your local Murray group not only helps others to receive the same benefits from La Leche League that you have, but RIGHT NOW it will enter you in an “end of summer” raffle.
The prizes will be AWESOME!!!!

New Memberships Purchased May 1-Sept 4: 10 tickets with YOUR name on them
Donations less than $40: 5 tickets
Attend a Series meeting as a member: 2 tickets (non members: 1 ticket)
Bring a friend: 2 tickets (friend: 1 ticket, non-members: 1 ticket)
Attend a Summer evening meeting or Tea: 3 tickets (non-members: 1 bring a friend: 1 more ticket, bring your partner: 2 more tickets)
Support World Breastfeeding Week: 3 tickets (non-members: 1)
Volunteer with the Breastfeeding Cafe: 3 tickets (non-members: 1)