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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weaning and Nutrition

March 3 was the third meeting for our La Leche League of Murray group. The meeting was lead by Timbra (lone leader of the Murray LLL group). We had 10 moms in attendance, 2 of whom were new to the group. 3 babes (under 1) and 8 tots (under 4) were also there. Our topic this month was Meeting 4: Weaning and Nutrition. We started out the meeting with introductions and shared our favorite indulgences, then got down to business. Because many of the moms have so far had at least one toddler, the meeting was geared more towards nutrition than weaning. We began with an excerpt in the most recent New Beginnings magazine, a mother's description of weaning, followed by an article in the same magazine on making dietary changes, which also included some recipes to try. From here we made a list "Why You Buy" and it was obvious that each mother is at a different stage of understanding, knowledge and concern for nutrition. Of course economical/expense, dietary choices/restrictions, and avoidance of certain ingredients were on the list. We also got more specific with ingredients, discussed certain foods which included various preservatives, and discussed some dietary differences within the group (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free diets, etc). Finally we went around the group and described ways we were trying to "healthify" our own family's diets. Switching out red meat for ground turkey, making comfort foods/traditional foods healthier, being label readers and choosing brands that omit certain ingredients in place of brands we've "always used" (or maybe even mom always used), making more things from scratch, and how to "hide" fruits and veggies in foods, specifically by pureeing them and including them where they won't be noticed. We highlighted Dr. Sears' Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood as our book to back up some of the info for this month's topic. The intention is to attempt to highlight at least one book from the La Leche League Bibliography when each topic is presented.

Due to a large number of tots, the meeting was quite "busy." Some of the moms stayed until 2:30 discussing baby wearing and interesting "symptoms" while nursing. I learn more and more with each meeting.

Our group now has a treasurer, however, as our greeter has gone back to work a few days/week, we are now in search of a greeter. At present the group is not prepared with "new mom" packets (that's moms who are new to the Murray group), but if you read this blog and attend meetings, and would like to consider being part of the group in this way, be aware that we will be seeking a greeter in coming months, and have a "new mom" packet available (hopefully) in May.

Remember: For LLL members, the Sandy LLL group holds an enrichment the 4th Tuesday of the first 3 months of the series. Next Tuesday (3/24) the topic is "Benefits of Pre and Post-Natal Yoga." Check it out!!!