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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Avoiding Difficulties: The Baby Friendly Way

Our December 2012-March 2013 Series Theme was "The Baby Friendly Way." For our February meeting Timbra pulled out her annually required "hearts" for displaying or sharing all information for a February meeting :)

We discussed some hard topics, but within the realm of how these things WILL effect breastfeeding. La Leche League may not have a particular philosophy with regards to which interventions to use/not use in labor, sleep, decisions about keeping boys intact, or whether a mother should be separated from her baby (through work, school or for some other reason), but this meeting was about knowing that the decisions we make WILL effect breastfeeding outcomes for us and our children AND that we can work through some of these decisions in ways that take the child and the breastfeeding relationship into consideration, or we can make these decisions in the baby/breastfeeding "unfriendly" way.

There was a lot of great discussion.  Each person drew one blue heart and one pink heart, they did not necessarily correlate with the same topic. An individual would read her heart and the group would decide which part of the breastfeeding relationship the information fit. . .

Here is our board, which touched on ways to avoid difficulty by making "Breastfeeding friendly choices" in the following areas of life:
Birth, Hospital stays, what goes into baby, when/how often to nurse, how to nurse, going out, staying in, sleep, separation and taking care of ourselves emotionally.