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La Leche League Series Meetings are open to all interested women (pregnant, nursing and otherwise). Series meetings tend to focus on nursing during the first year. Moms nursing children of any age are always welcome and encouraged to come share triumphs and trials, enjoy mother-to-mother support, gather information and form relationships with other nursing moms. Additionaly, Sandy & SLC groups have meetings available for those looking for further information and those nursing beyond the first year.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Avoiding Difficulties

This month's meeting was lead by Haley, our newest leader. Our discussion was Avoiding Difficulties. We had 9 in attendance, one pregnant mother, three with newborns, a "regular" and 4 leaders, plus three tots and 7 babes.

We began with introductions and answering the question "What is one thing you have done, are doing or are going to do, to take time JUST for you?" Answers ranged from taking classes, exercising, bubble baths, and finding time to read to going to the symphony.

Our Series Discussion centered around fact or fiction statements that we each had on slips of paper. We went around the room reading off such myths as. . . .
~I have to wean because I have mastitis: In fact it is best to continue to nurse through mastitis, maybe even more often than "normal" (whatever is normal for you and baby). This will help with engorgement. If it is painful to nurse on the effected side, you may pump until infection subsides, or try nursing on the other side until let-down, so baby is not sucking so vigorously to begin, on effected side.
~I have to wean because I'm on medication: many medications are compatable with breastfeeding. Be sure to discuss the importance of continuing to breastfeed, with your doctor, to find a suitable solution. Contact a LLL leader, she will either read to you directly from Medication and Mother's milk, or direct you to a leader who has a copy of this book.
~My baby is lean, so he's not getting enough and I have to supplement: Those growth charts are not based on breastfed baby "stats." Long and lean may just be your baby's body type. To be sure baby is getting enough from your milk, ask yourself if baby is having enough wet/dirty diapers each day (6-8 wet), is baby growing and is baby showing signs of meeting developmental milestones. If the answer to any of these is "no" you may want to consider how to add extra calories. You can fortify your baby's milk with your own milk by pumping and "skimming" the fattier hindmilk from your pumped milk, and adding this to your baby's "diet." Therefore, fortifying your own milk. (LLL does suggest holding off on artificial nipples until 4-6 weeks or until breastfeeding is well established. You can give baby pumped milk by cup, spoon, syringe or finger feeding).
~Putting cereal in night time formula will help baby sleep better & longer: There is no absolute method to making baby sleep longer and better. In fact, cereals make it difficult for baby to absorb iron from your breastmilk and cause a bloated tummy. If baby needs to eat during the night or baby needs mom during the night, it is appropriate for baby to wake and let you know.

Many other myths were shared and dispelled. Not sure if something you've heard is a fact or fiction with regards to breastfeeding? Check out one of our monthly meetings and a LLL leader will be happy to spend some one-on-one time with you after the meeting, or even answer your questions during the meeting when appropriate.

During the meeting a leader met with one mom who had a very upset baby. It was their first outing together, alone. And after the meeting another set of leaders helped a mother with latch questions.

Our group will be changing as the winter months come upon us. Jaclyn has already begun a group in Tooele and been meeting for a couple of months with mothers out there. So she will continue her local group and join the Murray group when the weather permits. Liz is involved to some extent with the Layton group and will also be trying to stay more local when weather is poor, joining us when weather permits. Timbra and Haley will be the two leaders left to leading meetings with the Murray group on a regular basis. We are excited about having a new leader with our group, the start of the new Tooele group and the possibility of our leaders starting other groups throughout the area in the future. Thank you to all the awesome moms who make up our group. I am enabling comments from now on, they will be answered privately and will not show up on our blog.