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Who should visit LLL meetings?

La Leche League Series Meetings are open to all interested women (pregnant, nursing and otherwise). Series meetings tend to focus on nursing during the first year. Moms nursing children of any age are always welcome and encouraged to come share triumphs and trials, enjoy mother-to-mother support, gather information and form relationships with other nursing moms. Additionaly, Sandy & SLC groups have meetings available for those looking for further information and those nursing beyond the first year.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week

As this year's Breastfeeding Cafe "Event" three local La Leche League groups will hold Mini-Cafes on Saturday August 4th.  The Mini-Cafes will coincide with this year's Big Latch On event as well. 

La Leche League of Murray will host the event in Murray Park.  Below are the event details. . .

Murray Mini Cafe
Potluck Brunch begins at 9am
Registration for Big Latch On 9:30am
Official ONE MINUTE Big Latch On Event 10:00-10:01am

We will provide information to the community about La Leche League's services and meetings in Salt Lake County, hold giveaways (we have a Moby, Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Photo Session and other prizes) and provide a convenient location for nursing mother's to stop and put up their feet for a few minutes. 

How Can You Help??? 
Would you like to display any wares at our one day Cafe?  Crafts?  Mom owned/run businesses?  Would you like to provide something for one of our giveaways? 

World Breastfeeding Week Activities
Please keep in mind our other exciting opportunities surrounding World Breastfeeding Week. 

~July 15-30 we will hold our third annual Blog Carnival.
~August 2-7 WBW Photo fundraiser ( to RSVP)
~The 7th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe will be held at the SLC Main library from August 1-14, with an exciting line-up of classes all designed to enhance the parent/child relationship.  Visit the Cafe Site for complete information and a calendar.

How Can You Be Involved?
Look over the volunteer calendar (password: milkbank) and volunteer for a slot
Come for the Cafe Kick-off Event
Blog for the Blog Carnival
Don't have a blog????  We need daily "guest bloggers" on the Cafe Site

email for more information