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La Leche League Series Meetings are open to all interested women (pregnant, nursing and otherwise). Series meetings tend to focus on nursing during the first year. Moms nursing children of any age are always welcome and encouraged to come share triumphs and trials, enjoy mother-to-mother support, gather information and form relationships with other nursing moms. Additionaly, Sandy & SLC groups have meetings available for those looking for further information and those nursing beyond the first year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gifts of Breastfeeding

Tuesday December 1st La Leche League of Murray held her final meeting in her first year! Hooray! What a fun an exciting year this has been. We've had so many committed moms in our group, lots of new babies, and THREE new leaders! This month we had FOUR pregnant mamas, three of whom were all first timers with our group. Three of our four leaders were there, and three returning mamas too. We had three tots, and four babes 6 months and under.

This month's discussion surrounded the "Importance" or "Benefits of Breastfeeding," and was lead by yours truly, Timbra. We started the discussion by going around to introduce ourselves, babies and due dates, and answering the question "What holiday traditions are you either starting new for your growing family, or passing down from your own upbringing." There were some really fun answers, some moms who didn't grow up with a lot of tradition but enjoyed the idea of starting some for their families, some moms struggling with WANTING to start traditions but having a hard time sticking to them, and some really fun traditions that started our of necessity, during childhood that have carried on to this day.

Because this is a season traditionally known for gift giving, the discussion was focused on "Gifts for our children and ourselves" with regards to breastfeeding. We talked over emotional gifts that breastfeeding brings, comfort, security, independence, and for mom, self confidence and "warm fuzzies." We talked about physical gifts of eyesight, brain development, hand/eye coordination, neck strength, and for mom, weight loss, ammenoria, a better focus on diet for the whole family. We talked about physiological benefits of fighting childhood and adult illnesses like diabetes and obesity, as well as for mom certain cancers and osteoperosis.

There are SO many gifts that we give our children through breastfeeding, which can not be met through anything other than physical contact and breastmilk. This list just covers some basics, but our discussion went so much further, deeper, and touched on some very serious things for some of the mothers in the group, as well as reminding or telling some of us for the first time, of the gift of breastfeeding, which is not just for baby, but also for mom and for the entire family.

Enjoy the gift, it really is the a gift that keeps on giving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weaning & Nutrition

Tuesday November 2. 11th Meeting of LLL of Murray.

We had 8 moms in attendance. 3 leaders, 5 returning moms (1 of whom is expecting her 1st in December). There were 4 tots and 6 babes. Liz lead the meeting on Weaning and Nutrition, and did a fabulous job.

We introduced ourselves and shared as an "ice breaker" something in our own diets we were proud of. The answers ranged from a focus on whole foods to introducing new things into the family diet that were healthier, even ingredients that the individuals previously thought they didn't even like.

Then we each took a sheet of paper with a diet discussion item on it, read it out loud and shared our own tips for the discussion item, as well as got feedback.

For the following I am stating specific ideas which were shared in the meeting, such as thoughts on "organic" eating. La Leche League's philosophy is "Good nutrition means eating a well-balanced and varied diet of foods in as close to their natural state as possible." Whole foods, organic, "dirty dozen" and "top ten" are all things that were discussed specifically at the meeting. The idea is that we are all at different places in our nutritional needs, understanding and goals, so the information shared here and at the meetings is just part of the journey to better understanding and moving towards a more balanced and healthier diet for ourselves and our families.

Tips for eating "well" on a budget: If you are interested in organic foods but can not afford to eat WHOLLY organically, find the "dirty dozen" or "top ten" list of items that are recommended for organic choosing (tubers, apples, fruits and veg with edible skin, berries, etc), consider leaning more towards a "whole food" diet instead of an "organic" diet, shop bargain bins for items you would normally put in your diet that are in dinged cans, etc. Consider purchasing artisan breads at the "day old" price and freezing them for future use, or buying up "whole foods" when they are on sale and freezing what you can or learning new recipes to incorporate them. Also consider purchasing from a co-op or CSA. This will not only help alleviate some of the cost of your whole foods, it will also push you outside of your usual box of cooking and force you to find new recipes. Think up new recipes for leftovers. Example, Last night I had some leftover noodles and leftover homemade fries in the fridge, not enough for a meal for the family, but I put a little chicken, a couple of carrots and a parsnip in some broth. . . and two previous meals, became a third meal. Leftover homemade chicken nuggets were put into a stir fry tonight. Soups are an awesome way to stretch your dollar, especially when using meats which can be expensive. Consider having a "vegetarian" night (or two) to try a variety of proteins and save on meat costs. There were a lot of really awesome tips on eating well and eating whole foods on a budget.

Tips for adding healthier foods into your family's diet: Pizza was a big topic of discussion here. Kids love pizza. It's a fun way for everyone to pick their own toppings, making your own crust you know what you're getting, just a few ingredients. It's easy to sneak dark greens into pizza sauce by wilting down kale, chard or spinach in just TBSP or 2 of water and some garlic or garlic powder and then blending it in it's own liquid. Carrot puree can also be added to red sauce (for pizzas or pastas and even into a chili base). Making food fun is another great way to get picky eaters to eat healthy, making food faces, anything through a straw, smoothies and DEFINITELY letting kids help when appropriate. It has often been said that when kids are involved in the making of their food, they are more likely to eat it.

Tips for healthy snacks for the early weeks of pregnancy: Thinking ahead. Having some whole grain crackers, or something very simple in the early weeks and being sure to eat first thing. Making meals when you are feeling well, so you're not tempted to eat poorly when you don't. Being sure to take snacks with you while you're out so that you don't feel 1)nauseous and 2) tempted to eat out.

Tips for eating well when traveling: Stock a cupboard with quick foods. Packaged foods aren't off limits, certain granola or "power" bars, easy snacks, prepackaging little bags of nuts or homemade trail mixes so you don't get bored. And again, thinking ahead.

Other thoughts: leaning towards a whole food diet, knowing what's in the food you eat (be a label reader), less is more (when a list of ingredients is concerned), make as much as you can from scratch so you know what's going into your food and into your body (or that of your children), none of us is perfect, consider an 80/20 diet (or a ratio that suits your family) 80% whole foods/healthy foods 20% indulgences. Try not to make food an "issue," and listen to your children's "needs" they are wonderful at hearing their own bodies and letting you know what nutrients they are in need of at any given time. Try for a balanced WEEK, not a balanced meal or a balanced day even, especially when it comes to tots. Have a "super hero" focused kid? Call healthy foods "grow foods" or "things that make you big and strong" and see if that doesn't persuade your Superman wannabe!

If you weren't at the meeting but are interested in a list of CSA's/Farmer's Markets/Co-ops/recipes and recipe sites that were discussed, feel free to email

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birth Control and Breastfeeding

This article was recently sent by one of our area leaders and with permission I posting it here:

We are receiving more and more reports from mothers of a decrease in milk production associated with the Mirena IUD. Today I received two such reports. Given the constant chronological relationship between the placement of the IUD and the mother’s decrease in milk production (1 to 2 weeks), it is quite possible that the decrease in milk production is a result of the IUD.

Of course, it is also likely that not all women will have a significant decrease; nobody contacts me when they don’t have a decreased production. But it is also likely that only a tiny percentage of women who do have a decrease actually contact me.

I think we need to be prudent and warn women about this possible side effect of the Mirena. All hormonal contraceptive methods should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers if possible.

Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Avoiding Difficulties

This month's meeting was lead by Haley, our newest leader. Our discussion was Avoiding Difficulties. We had 9 in attendance, one pregnant mother, three with newborns, a "regular" and 4 leaders, plus three tots and 7 babes.

We began with introductions and answering the question "What is one thing you have done, are doing or are going to do, to take time JUST for you?" Answers ranged from taking classes, exercising, bubble baths, and finding time to read to going to the symphony.

Our Series Discussion centered around fact or fiction statements that we each had on slips of paper. We went around the room reading off such myths as. . . .
~I have to wean because I have mastitis: In fact it is best to continue to nurse through mastitis, maybe even more often than "normal" (whatever is normal for you and baby). This will help with engorgement. If it is painful to nurse on the effected side, you may pump until infection subsides, or try nursing on the other side until let-down, so baby is not sucking so vigorously to begin, on effected side.
~I have to wean because I'm on medication: many medications are compatable with breastfeeding. Be sure to discuss the importance of continuing to breastfeed, with your doctor, to find a suitable solution. Contact a LLL leader, she will either read to you directly from Medication and Mother's milk, or direct you to a leader who has a copy of this book.
~My baby is lean, so he's not getting enough and I have to supplement: Those growth charts are not based on breastfed baby "stats." Long and lean may just be your baby's body type. To be sure baby is getting enough from your milk, ask yourself if baby is having enough wet/dirty diapers each day (6-8 wet), is baby growing and is baby showing signs of meeting developmental milestones. If the answer to any of these is "no" you may want to consider how to add extra calories. You can fortify your baby's milk with your own milk by pumping and "skimming" the fattier hindmilk from your pumped milk, and adding this to your baby's "diet." Therefore, fortifying your own milk. (LLL does suggest holding off on artificial nipples until 4-6 weeks or until breastfeeding is well established. You can give baby pumped milk by cup, spoon, syringe or finger feeding).
~Putting cereal in night time formula will help baby sleep better & longer: There is no absolute method to making baby sleep longer and better. In fact, cereals make it difficult for baby to absorb iron from your breastmilk and cause a bloated tummy. If baby needs to eat during the night or baby needs mom during the night, it is appropriate for baby to wake and let you know.

Many other myths were shared and dispelled. Not sure if something you've heard is a fact or fiction with regards to breastfeeding? Check out one of our monthly meetings and a LLL leader will be happy to spend some one-on-one time with you after the meeting, or even answer your questions during the meeting when appropriate.

During the meeting a leader met with one mom who had a very upset baby. It was their first outing together, alone. And after the meeting another set of leaders helped a mother with latch questions.

Our group will be changing as the winter months come upon us. Jaclyn has already begun a group in Tooele and been meeting for a couple of months with mothers out there. So she will continue her local group and join the Murray group when the weather permits. Liz is involved to some extent with the Layton group and will also be trying to stay more local when weather is poor, joining us when weather permits. Timbra and Haley will be the two leaders left to leading meetings with the Murray group on a regular basis. We are excited about having a new leader with our group, the start of the new Tooele group and the possibility of our leaders starting other groups throughout the area in the future. Thank you to all the awesome moms who make up our group. I am enabling comments from now on, they will be answered privately and will not show up on our blog.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Addition & New Arrival

Timbra is pleased to announce that a second baby girl joined their family August 24th.

And as of October, we have a fourth leader with our Murray group. . . Haley. Congrats on your hard work Haley!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Series Meeting Topic 4: Weaning and Nutrition

Today we had our most intimate group yet. A "regular" mom and her tot, another mom who I've met in another area meeting, her tot and little one, and a new mom with a little one as well, then there was myself, one pregnant leader. We have two new babies born to leaders in the past month, so it's been a bit busy in our group to say the least.

This was certainly the most unique situation I've come across as a leader. A very small group and everyone was at a very different stage in their nursing relationships/situations. Each mom came in at staggered intervals as well, so I chatted with our "regular mom" for a about 20 minutes, and then the "new mom" came in, and we focused our attention on some of her concerns with a preterm baby (obviously NOT really ready for weaning and nutrition information as the nursing relationship is just getting off the ground), then our "other area meeting" mom showed up and she had some questions about tandem nursing and gentle weaning (more along the lines of our topic but not necessarily along the lines of how I'd prepared for the meeting).

It was wonderful to have time to focus our attention individually on each mom today and just get to know a few of the moms a bit better, but I guess I'll be saving my little bag of tricks for the next time "Weaning and Nutrition" comes around, because it certainly would not have been most appropriate to use today.

Our conversation swung from signs of "getting enough" including. . . weight gain, wet/dirty diapers, and nipple confusion, as well as tips for getting a fussy & "quick" nurser to more peacefully nurse, all the way to the other side of being ready to limit toddler nursing times, finding other ways to mother, and ideas for gently weaning a tandem toddler so as not to resent nursing altogether (jeopardizing a nursing relationship between mom and second baby). Thank you to the three moms who were with us today, what wonderfully rejuvinating conversation and information was shared between us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another New Arrival

LLL of Murray is excited to announce the arrival of Baby Boy #2 for leader, Liz on July 5th. . . . Congrats Liz and family, we look forward to meeting your new little guy at our August meeting!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Arrival

LLL of Murray Leader, Jaclyn, announces the arrival of Baby Girl #2!!! Congrats Jaclyn. We can't wait to meet your new little one at our July meeting.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Difficulties

June 2nd La Leche League of Murray held her sixth meeting. Our group has had great showing of at least eight moms at each meeting. During this meeting we had 2 leaders (a third home waiting on baby), 3 moms new to LLL, 2 with preterm babies who are NICU graduates, one expecting baby #1, and 3 returning moms. We had 2 older children, 3 tots and 3 infants and 3 babies on the way. We had to meet in our "toddler room" this time around as the normal meeting space was "under construction." A little tight, a little warm, but adequate for our group.

This was Liz's first meeting to lead and she did an awesome job. We started with the question, "What advice would you give to friends about to have her first baby, regarding breastfeeding?" Answers ranged from "it's natural but doesn't come naturally!" to "learn to breastfeed laying down" and "Understand hospital policies with regards to keeping baby close and giving of artificial nipples, etc."

Our discussion surrounded Topic 3 in our Series Meeting selection. Liz had us each take one or two strips of paper with various "problems" or "difficulties" encountered through the normal course of breastfeeding and we discussed whether what was stated should be of concern or considered "normal behavior."

"My toddler is nursing like a newborn." "I feel like I'm not making enough milk, my six week old is hungry all the time." "I feel no desire for intimacy." All of the aforementioned came under the "normal behavior" section. We discussed in length about changes in desire for intimacy as well as behavoirs of nursing babies/tots at various stages based on what they may or may not be going through. Other things discussed were a baby's avoidance of solids, and then of course questions of personal nature with regards to pumping, bottles and nursing, etc. Some of the information was new, particularly to first time moms of newborns or expecting moms, and it was a wonderful discussion for all of us with regards to just getting to know our own baby's behaviors and being in tune with our own children, realizing the "normal course of breastfeeding" is different for every nursing pair.

Haley is our new librarian and did a great job getting our books ready for check out. So, for those who are members, realize that we now have a nice set of library books, in large part donated to us by the LLL of Sandy group in recent months. We also have several issues of "New Beginnings" available for mother's interested in reading articles in this LLL bi-monthly publication.

Please also be aware that the Breastfeeding Cafe is coming to the Downtown Library for the month of August and we are looking for volunteers to take shifts in two hour intervals. . . you would be involved with the public, answering questions, handing out information, etc.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Arrives: Meeting 2

LLL of Murray met for the 5th time May 5, 2009. We had 13 moms: 3 leaders, 4 expecting moms, 2 moms new to LLL. We also had 15 kiddos, 3 babies, 6 tots & 6 kiddos 3+. Jaclyn led the meeting today and did an awesome job.

The meeting began with a LONG list of housekeeping, followed by introductions and the question "What is your favorite 'go-to' meal? (Either to make or to bring home)" In the true spirit of Cinco de Mayo, many moms answered in the form of various types of Mexican food, and still others followed the general theme of various ethnic foods, like Indian food, Korean curries, etc. Some have specific dietary restrictions due to nursing or dietary choices and this formed their answers with NEW dishes they are finding to be wonderful.

Jaclyn prepared a series of questions for the group which lead to discussions about those who supported us through pregnancy, roles of grandparents, extended family, even neighbors and friends in those early days with baby, specifically with regards to nursing, ways we did or are preparing for a baby coming into the family, who had the most difficult adjustment when baby came, and a few questions with regards to the roles and ways to be sure that older siblings are made to feel special when a new baby comes into the family.

The discussion was awesome. So many moms had great suggestions for other moms, those who have traveled the road of being moms of "only children" and creating "older siblings," those who have dealt with reactions and responses of non-supportive family and friends either of early breastfeeding or extended nursing, thoughts on baby wearing, co-sleeping, diet options, dealing with guests but avoiding "playing hostess" when people come to see a new baby, etc.

Thanks to all the great moms who are making our group a wonderful place to be! Don't forget, if you're interested in what a La Leche League leader does to become a leader, or think this is something you might be interested in doing yourself, feel free to join us next Tuesday at noon, same location as always, for an "interested moms" meeting. RSVP to if you're planning to attend. Looking forward to meeting with everyone.

Big Announcement!!!!!

La Leche League of Murray would like to announce two new leaders!!!

Liz & Jaclyn.

Our three Murray leaders bring with them 3 toddlers (2 girls, 1 boy), and 3 bellies. . .Babies all due Mid-June to Mid-August (2 more girls, 1 more boy). As the lone leader of the Murray group for the past 4 months, I am so excited about the fresh approach and new knowledge my co-leaders will bring to our budding group in Murray.

Congratulations Jaclyn & Liz!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Importance of Breastfeeding

Better late than never. As the Murray LLL group approaches her 5th series meeting, I'd like to give an update on our last meeting (which rounded out a complete set of series meetings for the Murray group).

We had 11 moms at our April meeting. 3 were new to the Murray group (2 new to LLL, 1 being a SLC group regular), 1 infant, 6 tots, and 5 expectant moms (with 6 babies on the way) and since our meeting, we are happy to report that twin girls have come into the world!

Our opening question was with regards to favorite springtime activies (the weather was lovely the day of our April meeting, though it's fluctuated since) and things to look forward to (especially for mamas who will be facing a first summer with baby or a first summer with a toddler who can really enjoy the outdoors).

We listed together benefits of breastfeeding, among which were safety, sterility, perfect food, easily transported, abundant, and also went into many emotional, psychological and physiological benefits for both mommy and baby. And the discussion followed into the people or reasons which made each of us explore breastfeeding, stick with it and for some of us, even continue on to enjoy the breastfeeding relationship for much longer than we'd planned or anticipated for ourselves.

Books which were highlighted for this meeting were The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (LLL) and The Breastfeeding Book (Martha Sears).

We are excited to announce that our library has grown significantly over the past month and we will have several books to offer member mothers for check out and perusal beginning with our May meeting (This Tuesday).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weaning and Nutrition

March 3 was the third meeting for our La Leche League of Murray group. The meeting was lead by Timbra (lone leader of the Murray LLL group). We had 10 moms in attendance, 2 of whom were new to the group. 3 babes (under 1) and 8 tots (under 4) were also there. Our topic this month was Meeting 4: Weaning and Nutrition. We started out the meeting with introductions and shared our favorite indulgences, then got down to business. Because many of the moms have so far had at least one toddler, the meeting was geared more towards nutrition than weaning. We began with an excerpt in the most recent New Beginnings magazine, a mother's description of weaning, followed by an article in the same magazine on making dietary changes, which also included some recipes to try. From here we made a list "Why You Buy" and it was obvious that each mother is at a different stage of understanding, knowledge and concern for nutrition. Of course economical/expense, dietary choices/restrictions, and avoidance of certain ingredients were on the list. We also got more specific with ingredients, discussed certain foods which included various preservatives, and discussed some dietary differences within the group (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free diets, etc). Finally we went around the group and described ways we were trying to "healthify" our own family's diets. Switching out red meat for ground turkey, making comfort foods/traditional foods healthier, being label readers and choosing brands that omit certain ingredients in place of brands we've "always used" (or maybe even mom always used), making more things from scratch, and how to "hide" fruits and veggies in foods, specifically by pureeing them and including them where they won't be noticed. We highlighted Dr. Sears' Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood as our book to back up some of the info for this month's topic. The intention is to attempt to highlight at least one book from the La Leche League Bibliography when each topic is presented.

Due to a large number of tots, the meeting was quite "busy." Some of the moms stayed until 2:30 discussing baby wearing and interesting "symptoms" while nursing. I learn more and more with each meeting.

Our group now has a treasurer, however, as our greeter has gone back to work a few days/week, we are now in search of a greeter. At present the group is not prepared with "new mom" packets (that's moms who are new to the Murray group), but if you read this blog and attend meetings, and would like to consider being part of the group in this way, be aware that we will be seeking a greeter in coming months, and have a "new mom" packet available (hopefully) in May.

Remember: For LLL members, the Sandy LLL group holds an enrichment the 4th Tuesday of the first 3 months of the series. Next Tuesday (3/24) the topic is "Benefits of Pre and Post-Natal Yoga." Check it out!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Difficulties

Tuesday February 3rd LLL of Murray held her second official meeting. We had 12 moms in attendance, the only 4 "returning moms" were the leader and the 3 moms who took on group jobs at our fist meeting. . . so, 8 new moms. An entirely different group dynamic and lots of new perspectives. We had 4 expecting moms (all of whom have older children, 3 of whom are still nursing) and babies in attendance from ages 2 weeks to 3 years. I am also happy to announce that Jaclyn is our new group Treasurer/Bookkeeper. We hope to be selling slings, maya tais, etc in the near future.

Our discussion began with the questions "Who were you before you were 'mom' and how have you held onto those things or incorporated them into your life AS a mother?" Answers ranged from community activism turned breastfeeding advocate, to those with degrees in higher learning still using their specialties a few hours each week or when they need to be part of the "grown up" world, and of course we had some working moms as well.

This month's meeting topic was Meeting 3: The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding difficulties.

Each mother was given a piece of paper with a difficulty that may be encountered during the "normal" course of breastfeeding written on it: mastitis, nursing strikes, "normal" nursing patterns in a newborn, more/less nursing at milestones,etc. We went around the room reading our "difficulties" and hearing from those who had encountered some of them. We discussed what the "normal" course of breastfeeding included and that "normal" is an arbitrary word really, each baby, mother and nursing situation is completely different. We also talked through some difficulties not listed, such as dealing with public opinion on nursing in public, including places like gyms, malls and even the pediatrician's office. And finally talked through where different moms found their resolve to continue nursing even when experiencing difficulties at various stages/ages of nursing.

Moms came and went at various times due to older children in school, work schedules and the like. I was able to meet with one mom privately before she left while the meeting needed to continue for a few minutes without me. Several of the "new" mothers had learned of our meetings online either through our blog or other online forums. About half of the mothers stayed after the official meeting where I was able to address some one-on-one questions. The later conversation circled around child wearing, weaning and child spacing. To make our meeting space more "breastfeeding friendly" we displayed photos of nursing moms (with photographer's permission) taken for a project titled "Positive Images of Breastfeeding" which have recently been donated to the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition. Of course these will be taken down after each meeting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LLL of Murray Begins

La Leche League of Murray held "her" first meeting today, Tuesday January 6, 2009. Despite snow and just a little advertising, we enjoyed 8 in attendance (which includes myself, Timbra, LLL of Murray Leader and Jen Hermes, leader with the Sandy group).

Our Topic Today was "Meeting 2" Baby Arrives: The Family and the Breastfed Baby.

We started the meeting with introductions & formalities with regards to to La Leche League and familiarization of the new space, followed by personal introductions of ourselves and our children/due dates. The icebreaker was to share winter wonderland survival tips. Mall walking, swim lessons, good snow gear, and organized play spaces and indoor activities to keep little ones busy were all in the mix.

We discussed "surprises" of bringing baby home, which also included the unexpected with regards to birth and what a new baby does and how often, despite "the norm" or "average" (nursing, spitting up, sleeping, etc). We shared things that were learned from child to child (specifically moms who had more than one), or what we'd like to plan for with the next (charging admission of a hot meal when people come to see the new baby) as well as realizing we just aren't going to get much done. Jen shared that one hospital she had an experience with through family, gave the new mother a notice saying "This is your full time job" showing that changing, bathing, holding, nursing, and attending to baby's needs will take up more than 8 hours of your day (or take the place of a full-time job) with little room to get all the "usual things" done.

The second part of our discussion centered around advocating for oneself with regards to birth, hospital practices and understanding various effects of interventions on the start of breastfeeding, with focus on the LLL philosophy that "Active and Alert participation by mother during the birth process helps to get breastfeeding off to a good start." This included discussions on our emotional support systems and how to sift out poor advice and misinformation and even "tactics" on helping to educate those who confront each of us with misinformation.

The first meeting of LLL of Murray was an awesome success. Our "busy tots" area seemed to work out well, even if moms did have to handle a few stairs to get to the space. And I promise next time we'll turn on the heat.

A heartfelt thanks to all who attended. And I am excited to announce that all three of our Group Jobs have been filled. Erin will be our "Secretary," Liz our "Snack Coordinator" and Laurel our "Greeter." Thanks Ladies. Library Books and more group jobs to come as our new group grows.