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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini Cafe & Big Latch On: Murray Park 2012

The Saturday which landed in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week, was, this year, dedicated to three Mini Cafes around the SLC area. We have the main Breastfeeding Cafe at the Main Library SLC downtown for the first two weeks of August each year, and generally there is some sort of "event" that also goes on during the Cafe. Two years ago it was a baby-wearing fashion show and last year a baby-wearing flash mob. The "founder" of the Breastfeeding Cafe hoped that some day we'd hold mini-cafes throughout the valley for one or two days and there are even some La Leche League groups in Utah, doing just that.

This year we decided to do three Mini Cafes around Salt Lake, knowing that it was possible they wouldn't be well attended, but that it would be the beginning of some momentum, perhaps moving southward and eventually spanning the length of the State. Wouldn't that be cool? To have the same event going on from North to South, on the same day, representing LLL each year?

We had the families of the three leaders in the group, two of our group moms and one mom who stopped by "on accident" while we were there, involved in the Big Latch On, which is a one minute, world record event at 10:30am. During the three hours we were set up in the park, we had about 20 people drop by: four families and a few individuals. We felt like it was a fairly successful event and even talked a little about making it something we do more than once/year. We started out our Mini Cafe with a potluck brunch and were set up near (but not in) the Saturday Farmer's Market in Murray.
We had window decals, cute little magnetic puzzles and some ADORABLE stickers that we got made, for giving away, as well as information about our group and the main Breastfeeding Cafe
We also had coloring sheets, a free drawing for either a Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Book or a set of locally made notecards.  And a silent auction for a sleepy wrap and a photo session.  Each of the three Mini Cafes had the same set of information and prizes/auction items.
These signs are to denote the "photo section" and different countable areas. . .we only had 6 moms participating in our Big Latch On, so we only required one section (for up to 10 people)
We mostly just had a nice time hanging out in the park, eating brunch/snack stuff, talking to moms/families who happened by, the kids enjoying playing with one another, coloring and walking Ben the W family's new pup
And we had four official volunteers for registration, time keeping, official counting and photography
Here is the official ONE MINUTE Big Latch On
And Nate making note of the official numbers
Another couple of moms/families who stopped by, Katherine and Laurel talked with them
We spent 1.5 hours before the BLO and then another 1.5 hours after, at our booth that day
The nursing rocker/comfy nursing spot for moms
Headed over to the swings for FIVE minutes in the hot hot sun
Time for watermelon
Super Chloe
Walking Ben
Awesome co-leaders
Sisters in matching skirts
Dog Pile
Chocolate Milk Face
A bottle of WATER
OJ Sammy
Crazy lady wearing her dog!
Some of the dads . . .
Mel's family about to head out
It was a really lovely few hours, we hope that next year more of our regular Murray LLL moms will consider coming out and bringing their families, visiting the farmer's market and spending the morning with us.