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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Arrives: Meeting 2

LLL of Murray met for the 5th time May 5, 2009. We had 13 moms: 3 leaders, 4 expecting moms, 2 moms new to LLL. We also had 15 kiddos, 3 babies, 6 tots & 6 kiddos 3+. Jaclyn led the meeting today and did an awesome job.

The meeting began with a LONG list of housekeeping, followed by introductions and the question "What is your favorite 'go-to' meal? (Either to make or to bring home)" In the true spirit of Cinco de Mayo, many moms answered in the form of various types of Mexican food, and still others followed the general theme of various ethnic foods, like Indian food, Korean curries, etc. Some have specific dietary restrictions due to nursing or dietary choices and this formed their answers with NEW dishes they are finding to be wonderful.

Jaclyn prepared a series of questions for the group which lead to discussions about those who supported us through pregnancy, roles of grandparents, extended family, even neighbors and friends in those early days with baby, specifically with regards to nursing, ways we did or are preparing for a baby coming into the family, who had the most difficult adjustment when baby came, and a few questions with regards to the roles and ways to be sure that older siblings are made to feel special when a new baby comes into the family.

The discussion was awesome. So many moms had great suggestions for other moms, those who have traveled the road of being moms of "only children" and creating "older siblings," those who have dealt with reactions and responses of non-supportive family and friends either of early breastfeeding or extended nursing, thoughts on baby wearing, co-sleeping, diet options, dealing with guests but avoiding "playing hostess" when people come to see a new baby, etc.

Thanks to all the great moms who are making our group a wonderful place to be! Don't forget, if you're interested in what a La Leche League leader does to become a leader, or think this is something you might be interested in doing yourself, feel free to join us next Tuesday at noon, same location as always, for an "interested moms" meeting. RSVP to if you're planning to attend. Looking forward to meeting with everyone.

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