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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Meeting

Our January Meeting marked the Murray group coming full circle. . . having begun last January. Hooray!!! The meeting was small, likely do in part to holiday travelers still being gone, as well as forgetting to send out a reminder email to our faithful mamas. . .oops! We did have one new mama, an expecting mama, who attended and we hope to see more of in coming months. We also have several mamas who were at our December meeting, expecting babies between Christmas and Valentine's Day.

In all we had 3 leaders, 1 veteran mama and 1 expecting mama. 4 toddlers and two babies were also in attendance.

Our discussion was led by Haley, who, of course, did a great job, and it was held on the topic "Baby Arrives." We made introductions and got into the subject matter, of course leaving plenty of room for the needs of our one new and expecting mom, which did not necessarily follow the subject at hand.

We answered questions with the prompt "Baby is here. do i.. . . ?"
Take a shower
Have time (or desire) for intimacy
Find time for myself
Make dinner

You know, all the important things that new mom's don't realize they are going to have to give up, or modify, when a new baby comes along. Of course most of the tips came from just being moms who had been through it all. I hope we didn't frighten away our "mama to be."

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